Administrative law

Administrative and public law governs all legal questions involving administrative bodies and their relationships with private companies or individuals.

The impact of administrative and public law on the majority of business and commercial activities in France is often, wrongly, underestimated.

Some of our bureau Brandeis Paris lawyers have extensive experience in advising public and private entities, and litigating cases for them, in numerous regulated fields such as the telecommunications, transportation, energy, environment, urbanism and real estate, pharmaceutical and data protection (GPDR) areas.

We represent national and local authorities as well as public and private companies before the French and EU government agencies, the independent administrative agencies and the French administrative and EU Courts, in all cases where these entities are claimants.

bureau Brandeis Paris lawyers are also active in providing assistance to their clients in the areas of public tenders and concessionary projects in the infrastructure sector, in particular for telecoms, energy and transportation. We also have experience in designing and implementing compliance programs and assisting our clients in drafting or enforcing public contracts.

We believe that litigation before the administrative courts, as is also the case before the commercial courts, must be thought as a strategic and pragmatic tool for our clients, taking into account all the commercial, financial, and reputational stakes.


- Louis Brandeis, Justice of the US Supreme Court