Our fees

bureau Brandeis Paris seeks to adapt its feeds to the specifics of each case and the needs of its clients.

Pay-per-hour and flat fees

We are used to working under pre-determined and transparent pay-per-hour fee, flat fees or a combination of both, every time the client prefers these options to using the success fees or litigation funding solutions we also offer. Our billing rates vary on the basis of several objective factors including the types of cases, the damages at stake, the complexity of the issues and the seniority of our lawyers involved in the case.

Partial success fees

Full contingency fees (also called “full success fees”) whereby a client only pays legal fees if s/he wins the case are prohibited in France and almost all EU Member States. However, partial success fees, according to which our lawyers may obtain an additional fee if the case is won, are fully legal. While each case is specific and discussed with our clients to answer their specific needs, we are used to working pursuant to flat fees with a success fee proportionate to the results we help obtain. Other success fee options may be agreed with our clients at their request.

Litigation funding

Litigation funding agreements are agreements whereby a third party assumes the costs and risks of an action instead of the claimant, in exchange of a share in the proceeds. We are used to working in damages claims with preselected litigation funders that support all the fees and risks, including our attorney fees, associated with a claim that our clients wish to bring or participate in. One of our founding members teach “litigation funding” at Paris-Panthéon-Assas University  and we regularly publish about litigation funding developments in the antitrust field.