Our vision


To obtain justice and redress, antitrust victims usually face very powerful companies in highly complex procedures.

bureau Brandeis Paris is a European litigation boutique in France focusing on the defence of companies, public entities, and consumers harmed by antitrust infringements, including cartels, abuses of dominance or illegal State Aids.

bureau Brandeis Paris was created and built to provide antitrust victims with the opportunity to litigate cases against antitrust infringers on a level playing field. We help victims obtain that an infringement be stopped and/or get a fair compensation for their injuries.

Our French and EU antitrust team is unique. The network of professionals in data collection, economics and litigation funding we have set up to assist us in offering the best legal representation to our clients is unique. And the variety of the services we offer in antitrust cases is also unique.

We are extremely proud to work hand in hand with bureau Brandeis Amsterdam with whom we share a common vision and the same values, all in line with those defended by Louis D. Brandeis.