Public antitrust enforcement

bureau Brandeis Paris is experienced in assisting multinationals, SMEs and start-ups harmed by antitrust infringements to exercise their rights before both the French and the EU competition authorities and Courts.

Drawing on the experience of  its founding members who are former senior officials with the French Competition Authority, the European Commission and the Court of Justice of the European Union, and antitrust litigators before the French and EU Courts, bureau Brandeis Paris lawyers have a unique expertise and track record in all the public antitrust enforcement fields.

Abuses of dominance

Abuses of dominance are anticompetitive practices which are implemented by companies which hold significant market power. These practices normally lead to price increases. Practices such as predatory…

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Sector-specific regulations

bureau Brandeis Paris assists economic operators in regulated markets (electricity, telecommunications, audiovisual, transportation) before regulatory authorities and appeal courts.

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A cartel is a secret agreement between competitors, the object or effect of which is to suppress or minimize the competition that should normally take place between…

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Unfair practices

Parties are in principle free to contract. However, this freedom finds some limits. Unfair practices such as most-favoured nation clauses, unfair conditions, abusive breach of contracts are…

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Distribution and Cooperation Agreements

bureau Brandeis Paris has significant experience in assisting clients in distribution law and with both vertical and horizontal cooperation agreements. We have the expertise to assist multinationals,…

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Merger control

Merger control refers to the procedures used by antitrust agencies for reviewing corporate mergers and acquisitions in light of the antitrust rules. The purpose of these procedures…

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State aids

State aids are defined as an advantage in any form whatsoever conferred on a selective basis to undertakings by public authorities. Before such subsidies are granted, they…

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Compliance & Audits

Companies must ensure that they comply with antitrust rules. Infringing competition rules may not only lead to very substantial administrative fines (up to 10 % of the…

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Trustee mandates

An Antitrust Trustee is a legal entity or person appointed in Antitrust, State aid or Merger cases whose role is to monitor the implementation of commitments made…

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- Louis Brandeis, Justice of the US Supreme Court