Law firms

Antitrust procedures, whether they are brought either before the French and EU competition authorities and courts to obtain that an anticompetitive practice be put to an end or before the commercial or administrative courts to obtain damages, are highly complex and require specific experience.

At bureau Brandeis Paris, we are independent and conflict-free antitrust plaintiff lawyers. We work with both:

  • French law firms who may have a conflict of interest in a specific case, or who are seeking specific public or private antitrust expertise;
  • Foreign-based law firms which seek antitrust advice or assistance in French and EU antitrust cases.

We offer a wide range of services to law firms, including:

  • Legal opinions and second opinions: We provide expert or second opinions to lawyers whose clients seek very specific antitrust advice or assistance in public and private antitrust cases;
  • Trustee services: Some of our lawyers are qualified as “trustee lawyers” (“avocats fiduciaires”) who can be entrusted by companies, public entities or groups of individuals, and lawyers with managing a damages claim under the terms set in the trustee mandate;
  • Cooperation: We partner with other law firms and lawyers both inside and outside Europe to bring public and private antitrust cases;
  • Arbitration: thanks to our large experience in antitrust law, working as counsels or for agencies and Courts, we act in arbitration procedures both as arbitrators and counsels to the parties.