Private antitrust enforcement

Companies, public entities and groups of individuals harmed by antitrust infringements are entitled to obtain redress.

In most cases, the damage caused is very significant and obtaining the compensation victims are entitled to may be particularly complex and long.

bureau Brandeis Paris is an European antitrust litigation boutique based in Paris dedicated to assisting all antitrust victims in France and the European Union recover the damages they are owed.

Along with bureau Brandeis Amsterdam, we provide antitrust claimants with cutting-edge antitrust and litigation expertise. We also rely on a unique network of expert in the data collection, econolic and litigation funding fields to assist us and offer very innovative services to our clients to respond to their specific needs.

We represent victims in all types of antitrust infringements

Cartels Cartel victims may end up paying a price surcharge of up to 30% higher than the price that would have prevailed if market conditions had not…

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We represent all types of antitrust victims

Companies The financial viability of a company, its prosperity or even some significant part of its annual profits may depend directly on its capacity to obtain redress…

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We act in all types of antitrust damages cases

Follow-on cases We assist antitrust victims in obtaining damages in cases in which competition authorities have already adopted or will likely adopt a sanction decision. We have…

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We always act before the best placed jurisdictions

French cases Some of bureau Brandeis Paris founding members have a 20-year litigation experience before the French commercial and administrative courts. In these national cases, we also…

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We offer all types of representation in antitrust damages cases

Power of attorney Companies, public entities or individuals that wish to keep full ownership over their antitrust claims and control over the procedure and the terms of…

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We offer a full assistance to antitrust victims

Full assistance Some companies, public entities and  consumers may prefer to focus on their core business or activities and/or may not have the internal human, financial, legal…

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- Louis Brandeis, Justice of the US Supreme Court