We act in all types of antitrust damages cases

Follow-on cases

We assist antitrust victims in obtaining damages in cases in which competition authorities have already adopted or will likely adopt a sanction decision. We have expertise in assessing the legal and economic obstacles to obtain redress in such cases and opt for the best course of action, notably whether to bring an action in France, the Netherlands or elsewhere depending on the circumstances.

Stand-alone cases

In cases where companies suspect an antitrust infringement, but the competition authorities have not and will most likely not adopt a sanction decision, obtaining damages is particularly complex as the wrongdoing must also be proven. As former officials of several competition authorities and litigators, we have considerable experience in investigating potential infringements and assisting victims throughout the procedures to obtain redress.

Hybrid cases

Companies often face the situation where they are victims of an antitrust infringement for which they need legal assistance to obtain damages and that the infringement be stopped. Our experience in both public and private antitrust  allows us to bring and handle efficiently parallel procedures before both the competition authorities and the courts to obtain justice.


- Louis Brandeis, Justice of the US Supreme Court