We offer all types of representation in antitrust damages cases

Power of attorney

Companies, public entities or individuals that wish to keep full ownership over their antitrust claims and control over the procedure and the terms of a potential settlement  may wish to be represented by us pursuant to a power of attorney. In accord with them, we can represent them individually or in joint actions with some or many other plaintiffs, depending on the specific circumstances of the case and what option is most beneficial to them.

Transfer of claims

Some antitrust victims may prefer to transfer their claims to a third party, most often to monetize immediately or not, totally or partially, their antitrust claims. We can assist them with regard to the monetization process.

Trustee mandate

One of our founding members is registered as one of the 25 “trustee-lawyer” (“avocats-fiduciaires”) in France. In some specific cases, companies and public entities may appoint her as a trustee-lawyer to manage their claims under the terms and conditions which they pre-agree on in a trustee-mandate. This allows them to outsource fully the management of a claim while keeping the ownership of the claim.


- Louis Brandeis, Justice of the US Supreme Court