We represent all types of antitrust victims


The financial viability of a company, its prosperity or even some significant part of its annual profits may depend directly on its capacity to obtain redress for its antitrust injuries. We have handled claims for multinationals, “CAC40” Companies, SMEs and start-ups both individually and collectively. We offer them legal expertise and a wide range of representation and remuneration options which are adapted to their specific needs. As we act exclusively on behald of antitrust plaintiffs and are an independent litigation boutique, we remain consistent in all the cases in which we act and have no conflicts of interest.

Public entities

Antitrust infringers often target specifically public entities, whether they are administrations or state-owned companies. Injuries caused to them do not only harm them; they also harm their users and clients to which they provide their goods and services. Some of our founding members have worked in the administration and understand the specific needs public entities may have. Furthermore, some of our founding members have litigated cases before the administrative courts for the past 15 years. We also offer a wide range of both representation and remuneration solutions to assist them in recovering damages.


Individuals may either wish to join a collective action through, for instance, an association of consumers or a foundation (“Stichting”) in the Netherlands. They may also wish to aggregate their claims and bring one single action. We have put in place automated solutions with third party specialists to handle efficiently large number of claims and claimants. We are very familiar with the specific standing legal and economic issues raised by large groups of claims and welcome the opportunity to assist in various ways associations and foundations in the defense of the interests of their members.


- Louis Brandeis, Justice of the US Supreme Court