We represent victims in all types of antitrust infringements


Cartel victims may end up paying a price surcharge of up to 30% higher than the price that would have prevailed if market conditions had not been tampered with. We have specific expertise in assessing the legal, economic, practical, and financial viability of their claims, and offering expert legal representation in court or during settlement negotiations.

Abuses of dominance

Companies of all sizes and in all sectors, in particular in the digital sector, may be the object of abuses of dominance from the leading market players. Obtaining damages in these cases is particularly complex. To bring a successful claim, it is critical to establish dominance and quantify the damage. Having worked within competition authorities and courts, and litigated cases before both, we have specific experience in presenting complex economic analysis and evidence to judges.

State aids

Competitors of the beneficiary of an illegal State aid or of a State Aid which is not compatible with the internal market are entitled to obtain redress for the damage caused to their companies. In such actions, it is critical to assess whether the subsidy qualifies as a State aid and the economic impact of such an aid. We have specific expertise in both these regards as we have been involved in some of the most challenging State aid cases brought before the EU Courts. We also have specific litigation expertise before the commercial or administrative courts to bring private damage claims either against the beneficiary of the illegal aid or the administration that granted the illegal aid.


- Louis Brandeis, Justice of the US Supreme Court