Abuses of dominance

Abuses of dominance are anticompetitive practices which are implemented by companies which hold significant market power.

These practices normally lead to price increases. Practices such as predatory pricing, granting preferential treatment, denial of access to a facility, or refusal to supply which are implemented by a dominant market player are prohibited under both French and EU competitions laws.

Such practices may harm severely competitors and prevent new players from entering the market. In all cases, they adversely impact competition.

bureau Brandeis Paris, along with bureau Brandeis Amsterdam specializes in assisting market players harmed by abusive practices implemented by dominant firms.

We advise companies in this field in all economic sectors. We have significant expertise in the digital, IT, environmental, energy, and pharmaceutical sectors.

As economics are key in these cases, we work with pre-selected data collection agencies, economic consulting firms and Professors of the highest reputation both at the French and EU levels.

bureau Brandeis Paris is particularly well placed to assist victims of abuses of dominance.

We are used to investigating potential infringements as well as assessing and providing competition authorities the information and evidence that they need to start investigating a case.

We are very familiar with the procedures  victims may use to obtain interim measures before the competition authorities and the Courts.

We have experience in assisting victims in both administrative and judicial procedures from the inception of the case to its outcome.

We have the knowledge and the firepower with bureau Brandeis Amsterdam to coordinate cases brought before several competition authorities in Europe as well as assist lawyers based outside Europe with bringing their cases before the EU and national competition authorities.

We specialize in bringing cases before both the competition authorities to obtain that the illegal behavior be put to an end and the commercial or administrative courts to obtain damages for the injuries caused by this infringement (see in this regard our expertise in private antitrust enforcement).


- Louis Brandeis, Justice of the US Supreme Court