Trustee mandates

An Antitrust Trustee is a legal entity or person appointed in Antitrust, State aid or Merger cases whose role is to monitor the implementation of commitments made to the competition authority and contribute to their implementation where required.

His powers and duties are set out in the Trustee Mandate agreed between the Parties with the competition authority’s approval.

Pursuant to his mandate, the Antitrust Trustee normally has the power to propose and impose measures (if appropriate) on the parties to ensure compliance with the commitments made. S/he also has an irrevocable mandate to proceed with the divestiture of the business or businesses to be sold, at no minimum price, if the parties fail to do so within a given period.

bureau Brandeis Paris accepts trustee mandates. Furthermore, one of its founding members who is one of 25 registered trustee-lawyer (“avocat-fiduciaire”) in France and a member of the French association of trustee attorney (AFIDU) is particularly well placed in this role to monitor and manage commitments.


- Louis Brandeis, Justice of the US Supreme Court